Started to Make a Few Bets at Work

We have started to work on a little pool at the office. We would the lines on the game at a site called sbg sportsbook. It is easy to go over the top with that sort of thing, so I am just figuring out what is fun and and not taking it too seriously. Of course there is a limit to what I could afford to lose and I look at it as an entertainment expense. You have a bill for a cable TV that you pay a lot of money for obviously. This is not anything that dramatic. I want to think about it as coldly as I am able, but at the same time it is supposed to be fun. It is obviously a lot more fun to win, but the play is what is exciting. You want to watch the games and be really involved in them.

Of course it is awfully unpredictable to know who is going to win a game. The NBA finals are on right now and it seems very unlikely that the Cavaliers would be able to play as well as they have under the circumstances. They have lost two of their three best players and they did not have a lot of depth to start out. Of course they are playing a team which won a tremendous number of games in the regular season and then won a much tougher conference. The East seems like a joke by comparison and you would not have thought that the Warriors would have had a lot of trouble. The team that they are playing is just not that strong. It has Lebron James and not much else to talk about. It is a big deal to lose the if you lose big, but not to lose small.

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